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Website Design

Think of a website as an online portfolio—in addition to publishing contact information and store hours, you can post photos of previous work, client testimonials, and detailed descriptions of the services and/or products offered. Many of our clients publish photos, videos, company history, customer testimonials, and information about services and pricing. We can embed a Google map of your location, a contact form that directs messages to your email address, and links to your Facebook or Twitter account. We custom-design the look and feel of the site to give people an accurate impression of your company and what it offers. Customers who review your website are trying to learn something about you before contacting you directly. We suggest that your website contains at least three essential pages: About Us, Products & Services, and Contact Us. The About Us page should have an original photo or two, a history of the company, and maybe even brief employee bios. Some of our advertisers prefer a Client Testimonials page instead of an About Us, and this is just as meaningful to a potential customer. As you might guess, Products & Services is where you can be specific about what your business accomplishes and the methods you use to get there. Do you know SEO? We do. Our writers know how Search Engine Optimization can bring traffic to your website. SEO is a method of structure and copy that puts your website on the radar of major search engines. Engines like Google and Bing have methods of determining which sites are legitimate and which ones are nothing but spam. With good SEO and user-friendly design, your website will climb the ranks of online search results, garnering more traffic and visibility.