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Directory Services

DPS is a mix of innovation and reliability.
Why do our clients stay with us?

For over a decade, Directory Publishing Solutions have been the directory publisher for over 70 independent telephone companies across the United States.

Telephone service providers appreciate our accuracy and personal level of customer service we offer to their communities. We provide custom design for anyone who purchases a display ad in the printed yellow pages, and our graphics team maintains a balanced blend of practicality and creativity.

DPS brings an extensive mix of advertising and marketing solutions to our customers dedicated to connecting buyers to sellers with our custom Directory Publishing, Directory Advertising, Mobile Directory App, Priority Listings, eBanner Ads and featured links to your website and social network pages.

What sets us apart?
Accuracy and Flexibility: These are the two most sought-after traits in a directory publisher. Any publisher will tell you they possess both of these traits, but we’re exceptional because we actually staff the personnel to make it happen. We have a team that will design your covers and preliminary pages, a team dedicated to managing data, a team that proofreads everything, a team dedicated to customer service, and so forth. Our goal is to produce useful, accurate directories, and we work continuously with our clients to make that happen. Nothing goes to print until you’ve signed off.

We have a lot of experience!
We work with both large and small telephone companies across the continental U.S. and Alaska. We began as a small publisher and grew to publish over 75+ directories across the United States.